Have you seen the art cart in Norwich?

Art In A Cart, artist Sam Harrons is selling his work from a cart in Norwich Lanes. Here he can be s

Art In A Cart, artist Sam Harrons is selling his work from a cart in Norwich Lanes. Here he can be seen wearing examples of the sustainable clothing he wishes to sell in 2017. Photo: Norwich Lanes - Credit: Archant

Norwich-based artist, Sam Harrons has started travelling around the city with a cart full of his work, selling unique products, educating people on sustainability and generally having a great time.

If the weather is nice, shoppers in Norwich can expect to see local creative entrepreneur, Sam Harrons, out on the streets with his art cart, a portable shop and studio that he moves about the city.

The idea for the project, was inspired by 'hot summer days spent indoors working on a laptop' revealed the 26-year-old who originally hails from Great Yarmouth.

'I decided I wanted to be able to create things while standing up as sitting down for long periods of time did nothing for me or my posture. I needed to be outside, interacting with people in the sunshine,' he said.

Two years later, after spending lots of time doodling carts, the project, called Samu, manifested with a little help from Mr Harrons' friend Jim Gabriel, who built the cart in exchange for the artist designing him a website.

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'At the moment I'm selling original drawings and paintings as well as prints and cards from the cart, but next year I'm looking to branch out into selling sustainable clothing and homeware, all practical things that will be made well, designed well and produced locally.

'I'd like to think I'm setting an example of how things should be made in 2016 and beyond, all of my art is on recycled paper and the other products will be similar. I'm looking at creating T-shirts from recycled plastic bottles blended with organic cotton as well as work trousers and smocks.'

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As with his previous pursuits - including ethical street wear brand, SHhhh Collective, club night Tropico and personal blog, The Good Life - Art Cart has been received extremely well by the public.

'People seem really interested in what I'm doing, I've had some great conversations with locals and the cart itself gets a lot of compliments,' said Mr Harrons.

He added: 'It's great to have the opportunity to expose a new audience to my work, an audience that I might previously not have been able to attract on platforms such as social media. I think it's important to remember not to get sucked into things like Instagram or Facebook, the real world can be much more powerful.'

• The Art Cart's opening times vary, but if the weather is good, you'll find Sam in the Lanes between 12pm and 4.30pm. For more information visit www.samu.studio

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