Have you lost a ferret in Norwich?

A Norwich family had quite a shock when they found a furry intruder had taken up residence in their living room, after a stray ferret sneaked into their home.

The uninvited guest made his way into the house in George Pope Road in Catton Grove on Thursday and was taken along to Catton Veterinary Clinic to be looked after.

Sam Leeks, head nurse at the Constitution Hill veterinary practice, appealed for the owner of the animal, who has been named Simon by staff, to reclaim him.

She said: 'One of our clients found him in their living room. They don't know how he came to be in there - whether he had gone through a cat flap or what.

'But they brought him to us and we have kept him up here for 24 hours. He's lovely, he's ever so friendly, so clearly he must have a home. He's very energetic, so he might be quite young, but he is an adult.

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'We'd love to reunite him with his owner, so if somebody is looking for a lost ferret, then please get in touch.'

Catton Veterinary Clinic is at 294, Constitution Hill and can be called on 01603 426310. The practice will be open from 9am until 12.30pm on Saturday.

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