Has ET, the extra-terrestial left his calling card on Wells Beach..?

A scene from the sci-fi movie ET.

A scene from the sci-fi movie ET.

Retired postman Terry Norton found this stone that looks just like the face of children's film character ET on the beach.

The stone resembling ET Terry Norton found at Wells.

The stone resembling ET Terry Norton found at Wells. - Credit: Archant

He said he was walking near the East Hills and the RNLI lifeboat station with his wife Sandra, when he made the quirky find.

'We stroll along the tideline, there's a lot of stones along the shore, all different shapes and sizes,' said Mr Norton, 75, who lives in Wells.

'I spotted this one with two holes in it, picked it up and as soon as I saw the other hole, I thought: 'It's ET. he's been here and he's left his calling card.'

Mr Norton admits to being a fan of Steven Speilberg's 1982 science fiction fantasty film ET the Extra-Terrestrial, in which a lonely boy befriends a lost alien and eventually helps him to return home to his own planet. He wasn't alone. Critics called it one of the greatest-ever sci-fi films and it was one of the highest-grossing movies of the 1980s.

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