Harleston’s Shannon Monkton bids for Miss Europe glory

Miss Europe 2017 finalist Shannon Monkton. Picture: SHANNON MONKTON

Miss Europe 2017 finalist Shannon Monkton. Picture: SHANNON MONKTON - Credit: Archant

A model is looking good in this year's Miss Europe beauty pageant as she heads to the contest's finals.

Shannon Monkton, 21, from Harleston, is just one of the 40 contestants from across the UK competing to be crowned Miss Europe.

Miss Monkton, who has modelling experience, has never entered a beauty pageant before and only found out about the event when a friend suggested she enter.

She said: 'I'm excited but a little bit nervous too.

'Although I've done modelling, I've never really done modelling in a competitive environment.'

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The Miss Europe finals will take place over the weekend of May 20 and 21 in Hertfordshire.

The pageant is returning to the international scene under new management and ownership after an 11-year hiatus.

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This year's competition aims to select an amabassador for Miss Europe who will promote the new pageant, before it opens up to internatioanal competitors in 2018.

Prior to and over the competition weekend, competitors will take part in various mini contests in order to acrue points to earn the coveted Miss Europe title.

Contestants will compete for the titles of Miss Charity, Miss Publicity, Miss Popularity, Miss Photogenic and Miss Beach Body - all of which earn them points.

Each title requires contestants to prove they are the 'beautiful, intelligent, well-rounded young lady' the Miss Europe brand seeks to represent it.

The competition mission states: 'We at Miss Europe believe in equal opportunity, which means that we base our judging not only on how well our contestants perform on the night but also on their preparations leading up to the finals.

'We are not looking for a certain 'type' of person but someone who is passionate, confident in their own skin and possesses the qualities to be a great role model.'

Over the competition weekend, participants will have a photoshoot before enjoying a sit-down dinner to meet the other contestants.

On the second day, the competition heats up as contestants will be quizzed on their European knowledge and take part in the Miss Beach Body before their efforts towards Miss Charity, Miss Publicity and Miss Popularity are judged.

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