Harleston gets new toilet to help draw visitors

The toliet is installed in Harleston

The toliet is installed in Harleston - Credit: Archant

A new toilet has been installed at the Bullock Fair in Harleston as part of a bid to boost the allure of south Norfolk market towns.

The installation of the self-cleaning toilet is the start of a programme by South Norfolk Council to refurbish all of its public toilets, in support of its Market Towns Initiative.

Martin Wilby, deputy Leader of South Norfolk Council, said: 'The increase in the number of people visiting our market towns, both local residents and tourists, has resulted in a need for better public toilets. 'Everyone needs a toilet when away from home for the day.

'The council is working with our market towns to not only encourage more people to visit the area, but also for them to stay longer when they do.

'If we are asking people to stay longer then we must make sure that the facilities that we offer our visitors are the best they can be - accessible, clean and safe.

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'This new toilet is a state of the art, self-cleaning unit that is far easier for mothers and fathers with young children, the elderly and people with disabilities to use.'

South Norfolk Council says public access to toilets is important for local shops and businesses too in Harleston and other towns in the district.

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A spokesman said: 'They are one of a range of amenities that help to attract a more diverse range of visitors, encouraging them to spend longer in town centres, and to keep coming back.'

Mr Wilby added. 'Being able to access a toilet is a basic need for any visitor.

'Tourists cannot simply go home to use the loo.

'Visitors choose their destinations carefully, and meeting their needs leaves a strong and positive impression – and is vital for securing repeat trade, which in turn boosts the local economy of our market towns.'

The new toilet was lifted into place last week followed by two weeks of connection works and then tests before it can be used by the public.

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