Happy memories of elderly Nissan Micra that got me Mo-toring

Judith Palmer called her Nissan Micra Wave 'Mo' because the car was M registration and an 'old lady'

Judith Palmer called her Nissan Micra Wave 'Mo' because the car was M registration and an 'old lady'. Picture: Judith Palmer - Credit: supplied Judith Palmer

Judith Palmer learned to drive in her Nissan Micra called Mo who became her motoring companion to music festivals and gigs.

In October 2010 I was going through my second attempt at learning to drive at the age of 21 – I had tried at 17 but gave up when it wasn't super easy – and when a friend at my office said did I know anyone looking for a first car for just £200, I jumped at the chance.

It was a five-door Nissan Micra Wave edition which was, at the time, 18 years old.

I named her 'Mo' because she was an M registration and a bit of an old lady.

I spent the next few weeks convincing people to come out and practise with me, while also having professional lessons too.

I passed my test first time with only three minor faults, and spent the next year driving all over the country to gigs and festivals with my boyfriend.

One night that sticks in my memory was on the way back from the UEA LCR in Norwich, having seen Mastadon and been the designated driver, we were pulled over in Chancellors Drive by the police. Panic stricken that I'd done something wrong, it turned out a fuse had blown, meaning my rear lights were out. This was a problem that happened again several times during my time with Mo.

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Happier memories include when she helped us complete the Woodfordes Norfolk Beer Trail 2011 – with a total of 63 pubs visited that summer, we certainly learned a lot about her home county.

And, without power steering, I certainly gained some arm muscles driving down all the narrow, windy back roads on the hunt for pubs.

Motorways were always a bit hairy as Mo didn't like going more than 60mph, but she had the best speakers and we managed to fit a CD player in time to head to the Download Festival in Donington Park in Leicestershire and so we drowned out the sound of the straining engine with a soundtrack of rock 'n' roll that still evokes happy memories.

I sold her for £100 in 2012, when my boyfriend learned to drive and we decided to buy a car together.

I still occasionally see her being driven around Norwich, although she would be 23 years old now. I just hope the owner has as much fun with her as we did.

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