Happy Dippy’s bromance with his Sea Life keeper Dave

Dippy and aquarist Dave Warriner,

Dippy and aquarist Dave Warriner, - Credit: photo-features.co.uk

A budding bromance between Dippy the arthritic penguin and his keeper Dave is the talk of Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre.

Dippy arrived a year ago when his long-term home on the Isle of Wight closed, and at 21 years old he is the senior bird.

But while most of his ffriends have paired up, Dippy has proved to be more of a people-penguin, and one person in particular.

That person is 57-year-old aquarist Dave Warriner and he gets an enthusiastic braying call… and then a swift waddle for a friendly tickle.

'I've developed a bit of a soft spot for him,' said Dave, of Faeroes Drive, Caister. 'It's the way he lifts his little wings so I can tickle him.'

Dippy is one of 15 Humboldt penguins at the Centre. Humboldts have been reduced to an estimated 10,000 pairs in their native Peru and Argentina, mainly because of overfishing.

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