Beach ramp cordoned off after being eroded by bad weather

Happisburgh beach ramp is currently closed to the public

Happisburgh beach ramp has been closed to the public, due to erosion caused by recent bad weather. - Credit: North Norfolk District Council

A ramp that gives people access to a North Norfolk beach has been closed to the public due to erosion caused by bad weather.

Happisburgh’s beach access ramp has been cordoned off after bad weather eroded the end of the ramp leaving a drop gap between it and the beach level. 

As a result, North Norfolk District Council has put up barriers around the ramp and the immediate area to prevent people from using it.

A spokesperson from NNDC's coastal team said: "Following heavy weather, there has been some erosion at the toe of Happisburgh ramp.

"The area has been cordoned off to the public and signage has been erected at Cart Gap and Ostend. Walkers in the area are advised to stay clear of the ramp.“

The ramp was previously closed in September 2020 and remained cordoned off for several weeks due to fears the nearby cliffs were too unstable.

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