'Anyone can do it' - Home schooling mum writes book on daughters' education


Hannah Wyman-Naveh has written a book about her experiences of home schooling her three daughters on her Norfolk smallholding - Credit: Hannah Wyman-Naveh

A mother who began home schooling her three daughters before the pandemic has written a book about what she has learned along the way.

Hannah Wyman-Naveh, 32, lives on a smallholding at Shernborne, near Dersingham, which has also been a classroom to Poppy, 12, Indie, aged nine and three-year-old sister Piper for the last two years.

"It isn't as hard as people think, it isn't as weird as people think," she said. "Anyone can do it. Everyone's reasons for doing it are different. I've always been intrigued by home education."

Hannah Wyman-Naveh

Hannah Wyman-Naveh, who has become and author and illustrator during lockdown - Credit: Hannah Wyman-Naveh

"The book is not a ‘how-to’ guide. It is just a brutally honest account of my experiences in the past 20 months, both the good bits and the not-so-good bits, and what I have learnt along the way."

Mrs Wyman-Naveh, who worked as a dog groomer before lockdown, said the biggest lesson was her children's hunger for learning.

"They are little sponges of information and they learn without even thinking about it, even the most mundane tasks can turn into a lesson without even noticing," she said.

"I am no teacher, I see myself only as a facilitator. I facilitate my child’s learning. I give them the tools and the ability to learn. "

Hannah Wyman-Naveh

Piper and Minnie, who became the inspiration for two children's story books - Credit: Hannah Wyman-Naveh

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Lockdown has taught Mrs Wyman-Naveh another lesson. She picked up her pencil and paints for the first time since college and rediscovered her love of drawing.

A doodle of Piper with a chicken which she shared on social media was met with a flurry of likes, while some said she should turn her drawings into a book.

Mrs Wyman-Naveh's first book Piper and Minnie: Minnie Goes Missing, was soon on Amazon, followed by Piper and Minnie: Minnie's Vet Adventure,

"As it was lockdown and there wasn't much to do, I thought I'd give it a go," she said.

"To be honest, I just enjoy writing, I enjoy drawing the illustrations and as long as I'm enjoying it, I'll keep doing it."


Hannah Wyman-Naveh rediscovered her love of drawing during lockdown and has since published three books - Credit: Hannah Wyman-Naveh

Mrs Wyman-Naveh has also illustrated Getting Back on Your Feet After Losing a Loved One, a book written by eight-year-old Danny Bailey, from Heacham, about how he coped with the loss of his father, to help other bereaved children. 

She said: "I feel so proud to be part of it."

Home Ed & Four Legs: A Mess of Happiness is available on Amazon.