Group calls for CCTV at Beccles rail station

A rail travellers' group has called for more work to be done on Beccles station ahead of the opening of the new passing loop.

The East Suffolk Travellers' Association (ESTA) wants CCTV installed and a promise to make the facilities more attractive.

They feel it is essential to have these improvements in place for when a passing loop is unveiled next year that will enable an hourly service to run between Lowestoft and Ipswich.

A spokesman for ESTA said that they had written to local politicians, Network Rail and National Express East Anglia urging them for improvements.

He said: 'One essential element is the provision of CCTV to protect any investment from vandalism.

'ESTA also considers it vital to have attractive waiting facilities on the disused island platform, which will come back into use for the first time since the mid 1980s.

'Our association is willing to play a part to help ensure that these improvements are made.'

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Last year Network Rail announced it was launching a community scheme at Beccles in a bid to kick start improvements and encourage local people to take pride in the station.

Chris Maddison, 23, took on the voluntary role of station adopter and has been keeping a watchful eye on the station.

Last week a group began clearing the brambles and debris on the unused platform. However Mr Maddison said more volunteers would be appreciated.

A National Express East Anglia spokesperson said: 'The rail industry partners and the local authorities will participate in any future plans for an upgrade of the station facilities at Beccles and the specification for these improvements, including any CCTV installation, will be decided as part of the scope of the works at the appropriate time.'

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