Grime scene's trauma squad cleans up

They're expert troubleshooters when it comes to dealing with all manner of problems, whether it's restoration work at a listed building or cleaning up a messy crime scene.

They're expert troubleshooters when it comes to dealing with all manner of problems, whether it's cleaning up a messy crime scene or restoration of a historic building.

They can deal with the aftermath of a major fire or flood, mopping up after a murder, a suicide or the grisly remains from a long-undiscovered sudden death.

For variety is all part of the day's routine for highly-trained staff at a West Norfolk company that has almost tripled in size in about 18 months and specialises in coping with everything from the dramatic to the mundane.

Less than two years ago, Ecoclean Environmental Services, based at Enterprise House off Lynn Road, Swaffham, was operating out of a tiny shed in another part of town.

At that time, they were hoping to land a cleaning contract with the NHS in a bid to ease MRSA infection problems in hospitals, including Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn.

That didn't come off - although they haven't given up - but the firm has diversified into a range of varied operations that includes contracts with GPs, dental clinics, RAF and Army bases and for big firms throughout East Anglia.

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Now Ecoclean has 29 staff, a fleet of five vehicles and has invested in a £20,000 internationally-recognised specialist certification training scheme which qualifies them to cope with practically anything that comes their way.

And according to directors Kevin Williams and Richard Gundle, the company is likely to continue to expand as more orders come in, often through their internet website.

Mr Williams said: “I think we're the only company in Norfolk trained by an American who advises the Environmental Protection Agency in the US on trauma sites.

“We can clean up after someone has died, especially if it's the case of a body left undetected in a flat or house for a considerable time. We are qualified to deal with murder scenes and other sudden deaths.”

The company, whose existing website brings in a large proportion of its business, is designing a second site on the net concentrating on trauma cleaning.

At the same time, they are looking for contracts with police, prison service, insurance companies, housing associations and similar groups.

The firm also has the expertise to deal with another kind of crisis that can make the headlines - problems like legionnaire's disease and sorting out the air and water quality in major buildings.

Less likely to make the news but equally important to householders are problems caused by mould, which can create health problems if a resident becomes allergic to mould spores.

It's a common scenario for Ecoclean, which has just completed work on a mould-infested flat, caused by sewage, and on a 21-month-old house in Lynn with similar major difficulties caused by a long-term water leak.

Mr Williams said: “The person in the flat developed an allergy and had to leave the flat. We had to go in, clean the flat, bring all the furniture here and make sure all the spores were removed.

“We recently dealt with a four-bedroomed house in Brancaster that was badly-damaged by fire and we were asked to restore the interior of the building as well as any of the furniture that could be saved.”

He added: “We've been called into RAF Lakenheath to deal with odour problems and carpet cleaning and, as a complete change, we are fully qualified to carry out marble, limestone and granite floor refurbishment.”

External and internal cleaning of historic listed buildings is also very much on the agenda and the company has full food safety qualifications, so staff can provide services for food production companies.

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