Greyhound visited by 2,000 people in Norfolk can’t find a home as he is always sleeping

Jasper spends most of his day sleeping.

Jasper spends most of his day sleeping. - Credit: Archant

Greyhounds may be known for their speed and energy, but all this rescue dog wants to do is have a nice sleep.

Jasper can usually be found having a nap.

Jasper can usually be found having a nap. - Credit: Archant

Jasper the Greyhound has been with the Dogs Trust at Snetterton for nearly six months and has been seen by 2,000 people, but he keeps getting overlooked for a new home because he is always fast asleep.

Whilst other dogs are wagging their tails and bounding over to their prospective new families, Jasper can usually be found catching up on some shut eye to recharge after his morning run.

The former racing champion, aged three, came to the Dogs Trust after his racing career ended but has so far has not managed to find himself a new home.

Jasper is still looking for a new home.

Jasper is still looking for a new home. - Credit: Archant

Dogs Trust Snetterton Supporter Relations Officer, Lara Murphy, said he is a happy dog but he just enjoys a nap.

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'We take in hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes but I have never met a dog who sleeps quite as much as Jasper. He is a real character and, when he is awake, is a sweet-natured, fun–loving affectionate lad who adores people and playing games.

'Jasper is exceptionally handsome so it's a bit of a shame he is often snoozing when he could be showing himself off to potential owners.'

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Last year Dogs Trust successfully rehomed 200 ex-racing Greyhounds across their 20 Rehoming Centres. Many people assume that ex-racers are not suitable pets because they need so much exercise, but as a rule ex-racers require less constant exercise than the majority of breeds and usually just need a few bursts of exercise a day.

Lara said: 'Jasper is a very laid back, gentle boy who could happily live with young children and other dogs. He would enjoy a garden to zoom around in and would love nothing more than a comfy bed and cuddling up on the sofa to enjoy some shut eye in the company of his new family.'

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