‘We care about our customers’ feedback’ – Greater Anglia unveils new uniform

Greater Anglia has launched a new uniform sparking criticism on Twitter. Picture: Neil Perry

Greater Anglia has launched a new uniform sparking criticism on Twitter. Picture: Neil Perry - Credit: Archant

Greater Anglia is in the process of replacing every single one of its trains with newer models in a bid to transform its rail service.

However, an announcement the company made about its new uniform, created by Hemingway Design and Cooneen Group, has sparked a lively debate on social media with some saying they had many other priorities they should be concentrating on.

Twitter user named Graham Dudman (@1dudders) said: 'After shocking level of recent service, does anyone there really think it appropriate to boast about new clothes?

'Looks lovely clobber, but anyone paying £4/5/6k PA for overcrowded, delayed and cancelled trains aren't that fussed.

'Please prioritise on time service - then talk fashion.'

Greater Anglia, however, responded to Twitter criticism by insisting that it cares about every aspect of its service and stating that it has received positive feedback on the uniforms elsewhere.

Yesterday a Greater Anglia spokesperson said: 'The current uniform requires improvement and we are working to address this by introducing a new one. We have asked customers for their opinions, just as we consulted with them about design of the new trains.

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'We care about our customers' feedback. We know that some customers have been unhappy with the service recently and this is reflected on Twitter. 'That's why we're investing £23 million in improving our existing trains before they are replaced with all new trains by the end of 2020.'

Twitter user David Byrne (@DatbByrne) said: 'Priorities please - you don't need a new uniform but you do need to get your act together regarding the 'service' you offer your customers.'

Twitter user Greater Anglia Carpet (@denimdenyer) said: 'The train service you provide is terrible.

'Repeat after me: 'Trains run on time and lower ticket prices first, new uniforms, water machines, painting stations second' and again.'

Caroline Hubbard (@carolinehubbar1) said: 'Well I'd be more impressed if your trains matched the new uniforms ... just had two journeys from hell to and from London.'

LaterAnglia (@LaterAnglia1), who claims to be a daily commuter on Greater Anglia trains, added: 'Does it come with the delay and cancellation excuses embroidered on the sleeve?'

But Cooneen Group (@Cooneen_Group) offered support for the uniforms it co-designed, saying: 'Everyone looking great in their new uniform.'