Woman 'unsettled' by doorbell footage of man staring into her home

RING footage

The man was caught on camera looking into the woman's home. We cannot show his face for legal reasons - Credit: Submitted

As the spotlight remains on the issue of women's personal safety, a 21-year-old has revealed disturbing doorbell footage of a stranger "staring into her home" on four separate occasions. 

The Great Yarmouth woman, who does not want to be named, said after sharing the footage on Facebook she received messages from other women recounting the same experience - some of whom chose not to contact police because they believed "nothing could be done".

The woman who captured the footage said: "I decided to check my doorbell camera the other day and saw this man had been staring into my house when I'd been sat watching TV. I can tell from the angle he was looking directly at me.

"He came back three times in one evening and was standing there for quite a while each time. I'd been completely oblivious, and have absolutely no idea who he is.

"I then checked footage from the rest of the month and found he'd been at my house before, on March 2.

"He didn't try the door handle or anything, but that's what makes it all so unsettling. I can't even distinguish any obvious motive. 

"At a time when everyone is talking about women's safety on the streets, it seems from incidents like this that we should also be talking about women having to be vigilant in their own homes."

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Police confirmed officers were called just before 10.10pm on Friday, March 12 to reports that a man was acting suspiciously in the woman's garden. After speaking to the occupant, police said no offences had been identified.

Jade Martin, councillor for Central and Northgate ward, said it was frustrating police's hands were often tied until somebody has actually "committed a crime" - and that criminal justice needed to get tougher in clamping down on intimidating behaviour.

She said: "It's unsettling to see an increase in incidents like this being reported and shared.

"The safety of women has always been a concern but now more than ever we need to ensure they are  protected and empowered to speak out for help.

"People are feeling unsafe outside and inside their homes and this is not right."

Mike Smith-Clare, borough councillor for Great Yarmouth's Central and Northgate ward. Photo: Archant

Mike Smith-Clare, Labour lead for children and young people on Norfolk County Council - Credit: Archant

Fellow ward councillor Mike Smith-Clare agreed. He said: "Nobody should be made to feel unsafe and vulnerable, let alone in their own home.

"At a time when women are rightly expressing how unsafe they feel, it's up to all of us to do everything we can  to change this."