Great Yarmouth rallies around in support of Our Town mini-series vision

Steve Farrel (front and centre) along with a cast members and volunteers for his Our Town project. P

Steve Farrel (front and centre) along with a cast members and volunteers for his Our Town project. Picture: David Hannant - Credit: Archant

Dozens of people have stepped forward to offer their help with a community filming project in Great Yarmouth.

The project, an online mini-series called Our Town which will be filmed around the borough, is the idea of 33-year-old Steve Farrell, who last week appealed for local people to get involved.

His appeal received an 'overwhelming' response, with dozens of people from different walks of life contacting him to get involved.

Some offered their services as actors, while others were just keen to get involved behind the scenes.

Mr Farrell said: 'I was really blown away by the response I got. It's really great that so many people really seem to believe in the project and want to get involved.'

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Eight scripts have already been written for the episodes, with Mr Farrell having welcomed so much input that he decided to expand the series to 12 episodes in total. He had only originally planned to make six.

The gritty series will involve intertwining storylines on issues such bullying, lonesomeness and depravation, but will also have stories of determination, grit and positivity in the town.

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Volunteers of both sexes spanned ages from 12 to 73, and among them is 63-year-old Josie Fitzgerald of Nursery Terrace.

She said: 'As I have done a lot of caring work, some of the storylines really hit home, so it appealed to me as a project I would like to get involved with.'

Peter Dewar, 37, of North Market Road, said: 'I think it's a great idea and a great project to be involved in. I have done acting before so feel I have something I can really contribute to it.'

Troy Ward, 17, of Cobholm said he saw the project as a good opportunity to meeting new people and try new things.

Jenny Bath, 50, of Kitchener Road said: 'What really appeal to me was Steve's idea to show the warts and all of the town, but with hope as well. I thought the idea was fabulous.'

Among those also on board is Norfolk County Councillor for Yarmouth, Nelson and Southtown, Mike Smith-Clare, who described it as 'a brilliant opportunity'.

The series will also see a cameo from one of this newspaper's reporters, with filming taking place between July 16 and 24.

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