Great Yarmouth radio station on countdown to its FM launch

The launch of Harbour Radio at Great Yarmouth. Station manager and CEO, Nevv Moore, 2nd left, and Ar

The launch of Harbour Radio at Great Yarmouth. Station manager and CEO, Nevv Moore, 2nd left, and Archant coastal editor, Anne Edwards, 2nd right, with Development director, Stacey Nash, and presenter and news team co-ordinator, John Gethin. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2017

The weeks are ticking down to the FM launch of Great Yarmouth's own community radio station.

It means Harbour Radio will be able to be heard by anyone with a radio – at home, while travelling or working.

Currently, it is only available online and the granting of an FM licence by the broadcasting authority is another big step for a station founded by a small group of volunteers with a passion for music and the community in which they live and work.

In its four-year journey, it has had several test transmissions and grown, with today's team boasting more than 70 volunteers as well as a core team of five headed up by one of the founders, Nevv Moore, now its full-time station manager.

When the licence is finally issued it will transmit on 107.4FM from its established home in King Street, a former double-fronted shop which now encompasses radio studios, and meeting rooms.

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The building of a basement recording studio is also currently underway.

The not-for-profit station is operated entirely by volunteers who love the medium of radio and their community.

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John Gethin, the station's news co-ordinator, said: 'Radio has been the lifeblood of our nation for decades and it is intractably linked to the great music of the latter half of the 20th century; something Britain remained a global leader in exporting, as other industries fell away.

'It is this spirit which Harbour wishes to, well, harbour.'

In its run-up to the culmination of the full broadcast FM licence, Harbour Radio has given a 'live' voice for many community groups and organisations as well as for local music talent.

Nevv Moore, himself a well known local DJ, said: 'It is a positive platform pushing Yarmouth and the need to be vibrant.'

Development director Stacey Nash revealed the station has already built links with high schools and academies in the area with youngsters work shadowing, and as a result it has helped boost confidence – even down to the teenagers producing their own shows on air.

She added: 'We aim to reflect the community, the nationalities and all ages in the area where we live.'

To listen to Harbour Radio online visit its website by logging onto

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