Great Yarmouth murder trial: Witnesses talk of stabbing

Two prosecution witnesses have described the moment they saw a teenager stab a neighbour in a street in Great Yarmouth.

Today the witnesses told the Norwich Crown Court jury that they saw Katy Bown run along Stanley Terrace, where she lived, and stab 21-year-old Shane Boulton, shortly after he had been shouting at another neighbour.

Katy Bown, 18, denies the charge of murder.

Jodie Mattless, 17, also formerly of Stanley Terrace, said that she had been watching television early evening on Sunday, June 19 when she heard banging on a neighbour's door.

Questioned by John Farmer, prosecuting, she said she went upstairs to look out of her mum's bedroom and could see Mr Boulton, who she described as 'looking drunk', shouting.

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She said that he walked away and was talking to another man in the street when she saw Bown, who was 17 at the time.

She said: 'I heard a scream, not a prolonged scream, it was an anger scream. I heard that and looked over to the corner and all I saw was her running towards him.'

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Miss Mattless, who was 16 at the time, said that Bown stabbed him 'close to his heart' and then ran to a neighbour's house.

Jonathan Goodman, defending, asked why Miss Mattless, who had made a 999 call at the time, told police later that evening that she had not looked out the window to see what happened and had only heard raised voices.

Mr Goodman said: 'I suggest by the time you called the police either Nathan Shilling (her mother's boyfriend) or your mother or some other person spoke to you about what they had seen and you were reporting it.'

Miss Mattless said: 'I honestly don't know why I said that. I was just scared and did not know what to say.'

She added: 'Why would I come here and make something sick up.'

Nathan Shilling, who was living with Miss Mattless' mum in Stanley Terrace at the time, told the court that he had been playing a console upstairs when he heard raised voices.

Mr Shilling, 35, said after seeing Mr Boulton walk away and his neighbour's door close, he was about to continue playing his game when he saw Bown.

He said: 'Basically the knife was just plunged into his chest as soon as he turned around, he had no time to react.'

Mr Shilling will be cross-examined tomorrow as the trial continues.

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