Great Yarmouth murder: Man denies perverting the course of justice

Andrew McGowan.

Andrew McGowan. - Credit: Supplied

A man denied he delayed phoning 999 for help for a stabbing victim so his two alleged attackers could make their getaway.

Warren Ricardo Blake, 18, and Tevin Birmingham, 21, allegedly stabbed Andrew McGowan to death at a Great Yarmouth flat, used for drug dealing.

Norwich Crown Court has heard that violence flared after Mr McGowan turned up at the flat in Dickens Road armed with a hammer, in the hope of stealing drugs from the two men.

Mr McGowan suffered five stab wounds, including one to his heart.

Blake of Thorncliffe Road, London, and Birmingham, of William Kett Close, Norwich, have both denied murder on November 14, last year, and the supply of cocaine on the same date.

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Also in the dock are Charlene Barber, 34, of Dickens Avenue, Yarmouth and Kevin Wood, 45, of Nelson Road Central, Yarmouth, who both deny perverting the course of justice by delaying calling 999, allowing the two men to evade immediate arrest.

Giving evidence, Wood, who admitted he had been acting as a drugs runner for Tevin and Birmingham, told how Mr McGowan had walked into the address carrying a hammer and had gone upstairs to the room where Blake and Birmingham were.

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'He was very angry and he went straight upstairs. It happened so quickly. It was a scene of panic.'

Wood told the jury he had gone to aid of Mr McGowan, along with his partner Barber and they were focussing on helping him, rather than seeing what Tevin and Blake were doing.

'I saw the life draining out of his eyes.'

He said Barber was screaming and saying for him to phone for an ambulance.

He added that it had been 'a horrendous ordeal.'

The trial continues.

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