‘Always tell her she’s right’ - Calver couple reveal secret of 60 years of marriage

Joan and Alan Calver are celebrating sixty years of marraige on Thursday, December 19. Photo: Sandra

Joan and Alan Calver are celebrating sixty years of marraige on Thursday, December 19. Photo: Sandra Sparham - Credit: Archant

A former soldier and a seamstress from Great Yarmouth are set to celebrate sixty long and happy years of marriage together.

Joan Calver, 80, and Alan Calver, 82, were married in Saint Paul's Church in Great Yarmouth on December 19, 1959.

Since that 'happy, but rainy day' so close to Christmas, the Calver couple have travelled all over the UK, and made many happy memories.

Mr Calver said: "I can't believe it, when you say sixty years. You think 'dear me', it's gone by in a flash."

The Calvers met at a party Alan's cousin was hosting, and it was love at first sight.

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"I thought she was very nice," Mr Calver said. "She lived up in North Denes and I was in South Denes, we got together and that was it."

Mrs Calver said: "It's been a very good marriage, I've thoroughly enjoyed everything we've done. Alan's a very thoughtful man, always doing something."

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The happy couple met while Alan was completing his national service, and after a short time together, they swiftly decided to be wed.

"We realised if we got married, we would get the marriage allowance, so more money from the army. I said sorry for my poor parents thinking about a wedding on top of Christmas," Mrs Carver joked.

Mr Calver added: "I sent her a letter while I was in Germany asking her to marry me, she said yes and unfortunately it was in December. It was my excuse to get home for Christmas."

After returning from the Army, Alan worked as a motor mechanic at Seagull's garage until he retired, while Joan was a seamstress at Johnson's.

With two daughters, two grandsons, and four great grandchildren, the Calver's have a large and happy family who all came together to celebrate Mrs Calver's 80th birthday three months ago.

"We thought we would come back a bit - we're just having a meal as the two of us to celebrate," Mr Carver said.

Asked what the secret to a long and happy marriage is, Mrs Calver said: "Just sharing things and doing things together, and also doing things on our own. He does his woodturning and I like doing craft things."

Asked the same question, Mr Carver said: "Whatever she says, always tell her 'you're right'."

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