Great Yarmouth is caught in crossfire as weather fronts clash

A SHORT, sharp, shock of weather tore through Great Yarmouth causing mayhem around 12.15pm today.

The burst of rain and wind triggered a trail of damage across the town overturning a mobile home, demolishing walls and tearing down fences in Cobholm.

Shoppers ran for cover and the town centre was briefly deserted during the onslaught which lasted about five minutes.

Steve Western duty forecaster at the University of East Anglia-based WeatherQuest said the phenomenon, known as a 'line squall,' was caused by a sudden change of wind direction as a warm and cold front clashed.

Although relatively common what happened in Yarmouth was particularly ferocious coming through the town 'with a bit of a crash' as warmer air was replaced by colder air, the temperature dropping from 12 to eight degrees.

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He said it was the sudden change in direction which did the damage rather than the strength of the wind as things were buffeted backwards and forwards.

The line squall travelled across the country in a thin band only five to eight miles wide, from Plymouth out into the North Sea giving way to blue skies within an hour.

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