Great Yarmouth carer sacked for whistleblowing had mobile number posted on parks and bus stops advertising sex

Amanda Morling was dismissed from her care home job for disclosing information about abuse to Norfol

Amanda Morling was dismissed from her care home job for disclosing information about abuse to Norfolk County Council, she later won an employment tribunal following the case. Photo: Archant photographer.

A whistleblower claims to have been the victim of harassment ever since going public with her story.

Carer Amanda Morling claims her mobile number had been scrawled on bus stops and parks around Gorleston advertising sex.

And, she says it has resulted in her husband and herself receiving anonymous phone calls in response to what has been written.

The 53-year-old said it started after she won an employment tribunal against her former employers Hilton Community Services in 2016.

Mrs Morling, from Great Yarmouth, was sacked for making a disclosure about the alleged treatment of a vulnerable resident.

Shortly after her story went public, the mother-of-four said an anonymous caller phoned in response to a note stuck on a bus stop.

'When we went down to the bus stop to have a look, there was a note with my number on number,' Mrs Morling said.

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'There were five more in a park that read 'for fun ring this number'.'

Mrs Morling said she had contacted police, but added officers were unable to find any finger prints.

She said she had been left a 'bundle of nerves' following the incident and that she was now planning to move out of Norfolk.

'I don't feel comfortable in my house anymore and this whole process has damaged me,' she added.

'We are now going to sell up because I need to get out before I completely lose it.'

Mrs Morling was sacked after making a disclosure to Norfolk County Council's safeguarding team while working at a supported accommodation unit in Winterton.

A 12-month employment tribunal, which concluded last year, found that she lost her job for whistleblowing.

The individual accused of abusing the resident was dismissed from their job, but was cleared of all charges following a trial at Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court.

Mrs Morling, who grew up in Lowestoft, has since gone back into the care sector.

A police spokesman said it had received a report of harassment from Mrs Morling in January. However, an update on May 19 said that enquiries had been completed and no further action would be taken.

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