Grave robbers steal at least one urn from Attleborough cemetery

The mayor of Attleborough has slammed 'despicable' robbers who have stolen at least one urn from graves in the town's cemetery.

Sam Taylor, who was appointed as the town's mayor on May 8, spoke of her shock after police revealed at least one urn had been stolen from the older part of the Queen's Square site since Christmas.

In the latest incident, relatives reported an urn had been stolen between April 20 and this Wednesday.

Mrs Taylor said the cemetery groundsman had told her he believed the grave robbers may have struck before, though she did not know what was inside the urns or the reason for the robbery.

However, she did not think the urns contained peoples' ashes, but may instead have been used to hold flowers.

One possible explanation is the value of scrap metal as there have been an increasing number of metal thefts in the area, including from church roofs.

Mrs Taylor, landlady of the London Tavern in Attleborough, said: 'This is a despicable crime and I hope the local police deal with this quickly and somebody is brought to justice.'

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Shane Schucroft, the town's deputy mayor, echoed her sentiments, adding: 'It is a senseless crime which is going to cause unnecessary suffering and distress to families which the people who have done it have obviously got no regard for.

'The people who were responsible can not claim ignorance that they did not know what they were doing and it is obviously a senseless act.'

PCSO Virginie Tribut, from Attleborough SNT, said: 'These thefts are extremely disrespectful; while the urns have been taken from the older part of the cemetery, they still commemorate the lives of loved ones and their removal will cause distress to the deceased's families.

'If anyone finds that a grave they are visiting has been damaged or has had something stolen from it, they should contact police.

'We were unaware that any graves had been tampered with until this relative reported the urn stolen; prompt reporting of theft, damage or anti-social behaviour in this area can help us stop any other families from being affected.'

Anyone with information about theft, damage or anti-social behaviour in Attleborough cemetery should phone the SNT on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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