‘I won’t stop smiling’: how Brooke, 12, can get back on a bike

Brooke Sprawling, aged 12, who will be getting a new trike after charity grants.Picture: Justine Spr

Brooke Sprawling, aged 12, who will be getting a new trike after charity grants.Picture: Justine Sprawling - Credit: Archant

A 12-year-old girl with mobility issues has received a vital grant meaning she will be able to ride a bike again.

Brooke Sprawling, who lives in Swanton Morley with her mum and older brother, has a rare childhood disease called Ataxia-telangiectasia which limits her movement.

The youngster uses a walking frame and an electric wheelchair to get around and is unable to stand up unsupported.

Despite her mobility issues, she lives an active life and takes part in horse riding, sit skiing and swimming.

Brooke, who is 13 in November, has been desperate for a trike for a number of years after growing out of her old one when she was seven.

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The family was recently awarded a £1,000 grant from Children Today Charitable Trust along with money from further charities to pay for the £3,587 trike.

Brooke’s mother Justine said: “Having the trike would just mean everything, especially for her mental health as it will do her wonders having the option to do another outdoor activity.

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“It’s another form of independence for her because she can control herself to an extent.

“She just wants to be able do as much as possible, just as much as what other people do and I don’t want to stop her from doing that.

“If there’s a way that it can be done then we’ll do that and that’s where the adapted trike comes in - it’ll give her mental health and mine a big boost.”

The Tomcat trike, which is specially adapted to fit Brooke, will enable her to not only enjoy more outdoor adventures but the movement required to pedal with her legs will help her physical rehabilitation, assisting in easing her muscles from stiffening, a common trait of her condition.

Brooke’s mum added: “She’s been on and on about a trike for years now because she loved the one that she had before.

“They’ve got bikes at her school but there’s nothing that she can ride so I thought if I can get her one for home, we can go around the village or put it in the car and take it out somewhere with us.”

When the 12-year-old heard she would be getting a new trike, she said: “I am so excited and happy to be getting a new trike and I won’t be able to stop smiling.”

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