Grandmother’s life possessions ‘lost’ in move

A grandmother has told of her distress after a removal firm lost her irreplaceable treasured possessions while she was moving house.

Doreen Pollock, who lives in Great Yarmouth, moved to her new home near the town centre, in February.

A removal firm transported her large furniture including beds, sofas and television the day she moved and put boxes including family photos, antiques and jewellery into storage.

However, months later the removal firm has admitted that they failed to pay their rent on the storage lock-up and that Mrs Pollock's belongings have been removed.

Mrs Pollock said: 'I moved in on February 20. I asked for my things many times and the removal man said he would bring my things on Saturday, April 14 and I said if he didn't then I would have to call the police.

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'I am very upset. There are a lot of things and my nerves can't handle it.'

The 72-year-old also cares for her daughter, Penny, 47, who suffers from learning difficulties.

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The removal man told Mrs Pollock her belongings would be stored in a lock-up but when she asked for them to be delivered, he told her a string of different stories.

'He kept coming up with excuses,' she said. 'He said my things were in a locker and that they were in front of somebody else's things but he had to deliver theirs first. Around 100 boxes were put into storage. There were some very valuable antiques in there and a unit, a large trunk and a corner table. It has turned out a bit sour.'

Mrs Pollock said she parted with nearly �500. She now has an empty display cabinet which used to house her collection of tea sets.

A spokesman from the removal firm said: 'I haven't taken anybody's stuff. I got behind on my rent on my lock-up. I have been to the police station and have explained what has happened.

'Because I got behind on my rent, the stuff has been taken out of the lock up without my permission. I would say that there was about 40 or 50 boxes.'

Mrs Pollock moved to Great Yarmouth three years ago from Inverness.

A police spokesman said: 'It's a civil matter because it's concerning bad business practice. It's not a legal issue, it's a civil one.'

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