Gorleston breast cancer patient’s emotional fundraising plea

Gorleston woman Vanessa Carter has been inspired by difficult childhood to set up her own community

Gorleston woman Vanessa Carter has been inspired by difficult childhood to set up her own community radio station. - Credit: Nick Butcher

A cancer sufferer is raising £14,000 for treatment in London and Latvia she hopes will save her life.

Vanessa Carter, 46, set up an online donation page a week ago and said she was touched and grateful for the hundreds of pounds pledged so far and hoped others might add to the total.

It means she can start part of her therapy in London in the next few weeks but is also keen to have virotherapy in Latvia which is said to have a 90pc success rate.

Ms Carter, of Springfield Road, Gorleston, was diagnosed with breast cancer in December last year just as her mother was battling the disease too.

Last month however she was told the tumour had progressed to the deadly stage four and spread to her bones and lymph system.

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Knowing that the disease was fatal her had seen her health dip, she said, but support from the online community and other stage four sufferers who were getting better had buoyed her spirits and allowed her to live in hope.

Having researched the issue immunotherapy seemed to be a promising new field that was delivering success stories, she said. It involved vitamin C boosts and infusions and she believes that combining it with conventional treatments being delivered by the James Paget Hospital will give her the best chance.

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Because of risks associated with Herceptin she would not be able to be on it for too long, meaning it was vital to have another course of treatment running alongside it to increase the impact, she added.

In total she estimates the treatment will cost around £14,000 and take six months.

An author and teacher of alternative therapies who also has a passion for radio and at one time ran her own station Ms Carter said the diagnosis had been devastating.

The mum-of-one added that while her prognosis was 'vague' stage four was terminal, although others she knew of had made a recovery and beaten the odds.

Meanwhile positive affirmation and meditation were helping her to stay strong.

She said had been heartened by the support of friends and strangers and particularly her former colleagues at Harbour Radio.

DJ Dave Starbuck said £1 for every ticket sold for Tiffany's Reunion 3, Fright Night, would be donated to the fund. He also appealed to businesses for tombola prizes. Contact him at 01493 722982.

To donate to the Just Giving page visit www.tiny.cc/VanessaCarter

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