Footfall at supermarkets reaches pre-Covid levels, data shows

Young woman in mask shopping in supermarket

'You can use linear lighting to guide customers through the store and ensure they don't miss any aisles.' - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The number of people heading to the supermarket in Norfolk are back to pre-Covid levels, new figures have revealed.

Google Mobility Data for the county shows the footfall to supermarkets and pharmacies has been on the rise since the first easing restrictions came into effect on April 12. 

Norfolk supermarkets were 6pc busier between April 27 and May 3 compared to the first five weeks before the pandemic began last year.

When lockdown was reintroduced in January this year, supermarkets in Norfolk saw a -24pc decrease, falling as far as -31pc on January 24.

Norfolk's supermarket footfall was above the UK's reported figure of 0pc change up to May 3.

People's access to retail and recreation continues to increase after reporting a -63pc change in footfall at the start of the pandemic In Norfolk this is now -18pc, above the national figure of -29pc.