Proud to be a housewife: Norfolk woman defends ‘sexist’ term on TV

Nicki Kinickie on Good Morning Britain debating the term 'housewife' (Image: ITV)

Nicki Kinickie on Good Morning Britain debating the term 'housewife' (Image: ITV) - Credit: Archant

A woman from Dereham appeared on Good Morning Britain on Friday explaining why she is proud to be a housewife and does not find the term sexist.

Nicki Kinickie, originally from Essex but now living in Dereham, spoke to presenters Charlotte Hawkins and Ben Shephard in a segment that explored whether or not the term 'housewife' is sexist or outdated.

She said: 'It's really hard work being a housewife. I focus on being happy, raising my family, do the finances, but I am a housewife – that is my job, I look after the home.'

Responding to Hawkin's question on whether or not she found the term offensive, Kinickie said 'It's not offensive to me. The term comes from the fact that the woman did run the home and that is what I do.'

She added: 'I am a housewife and I am proud of it.'

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Kinickie was sat next to Eleanor Mills, who was on the opposite side of the argument. She argued the term 'housewife' implied a woman was being 'kept by a man' and that it also suggested a man 'can't be doing that role.' She added the term also 'doesn't relate to most people in the UK.'

The debate continued between the two women and the presenters also read out some comments and tweets from both sides of the argument.

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What do you think? Do you find the term housewife sexist or outdated? Are you a proud housewife too?

Let us know in the comments below.

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