Golf day raises money for Four Friends Memorial

A charity golf day has raised more than �1,000 for a memorial fund which was launched following the deaths of four men in a Norfolk industrial accident.

The Four Friends Memorial Fund now stands at more than �35,000 following the extra cash generated at Stanton Golf Society's charity event last year.

Members of the society knew brothers Thomas, 26, and Daniel Hazelton, 30, and their workmates Peter Johnson (PJ), 42, and Adam Taylor, 28, of whom the fund was set up in memory. The four died in an industrial accident at Claxton Engineering Services in Great Yarmouth in January 2011.

One of the men- Adam was from Rickinghall, and Daniel had also been living in Rickinghall for the past few years, while the other three were from Stanton.

Stanton Golf Society has handed about �1,400 over to the Four Friends Memorial Fund.

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Richard Sewell, vice-chairman elect of Stanton Golf Society and who helped organise the charity golf day, said: 'It was a unanimous decision by all the members of Stanton Golf Society that the money would go to the fund.'

The cash was raised through people paying to take part in the event last August as well as an auction and raffle draw.

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Mr Sewell said his sons used to go to school with Daniel and Tom, and PJ used to run the disco at the society dinner.

He described the men's deaths as a 'hammer blow' and 'devastating.'

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