Rare golden pheasant enjoys life in garden

Goldie the golden pheasant has made himself at home in a Norfolk garden. Photo: Amy Robinson

Goldie the golden pheasant has made himself at home in a Norfolk garden. Photo: Amy Robinson - Credit: Amy Robinson

An unusual bird has made himself at home among the bushes of a west Norfolk garden.

Amy Robinson, 36, from Rattlesden in Suffolk was visiting her friend who lives near Wereham when she snapped a shot of a beautiful bird that was later identified as a golden pheasant.

Angela Hobday, 72, whose garden the pheasant was visiting, explained the bird had first made an appearance around two months ago and has stayed in the garden as it is full of bushes and other cover for birds.

Mrs Hobday, who writes novels under the name Annie Try, said: 'We didn't know where he came from so he was a mysterious addition to our garden, much admired by all our visitors.

'He's there each morning waiting for the wild birds to drop anything from our hanging bird feeders.'

Mrs Hobday went on to say her family have nicknamed the bird Goldie and explained how she eventually discovered where he came from.

'A friend used to keep him in an aviary in his garden down the road from us, but Goldie kept escaping so he was allowed to have run of the garden but then he disappeared,' she said.

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'Our friend is pleased Goldie is still alive and has said he may as well stay here if he's happy.'

Mrs Hobday said she may even write a children's book about Goldie.

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