GoGoHares 2018: Who will win the week four winner?

PUBLISHED: 07:00 03 September 2018 | UPDATED: 07:54 03 September 2018

GoGoHare: TigeHare. Photo: Lee Blanchflower

GoGoHare: TigeHare. Photo: Lee Blanchflower

Lee Blanchflower

Week three of the GoGoHares World Cup saw Prof Hare and his Magic Library storm to victory, crowned by the Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News readers.

He was followed by Honey Bunny who grabbed 18pc of the points, and then the Norfolk Rising Hare.

Households across Norfolk have been debating which of the county’s GoGoHares is the best, and previous week’s polls have put their arguments to the test.

And now it’s time to vote for your favourite in week four.

This week, hares number 31 to 40 will go head to head to earn a place in the GoGoHares final.

GoGoHare: Sky. Photo: Lee BlanchflowerGoGoHare: Sky. Photo: Lee Blanchflower

Next week will see hares 41 to 50 competing, before a grand finale.

The polls will be held on the Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News websites every Monday.

The hares in this week’s line up are: TigeHare, Sky, GoGoHaero, ChocoHare, Boudicca;s Revolt, Hare Comes the Sun, Norvicenses Salientes ‘Sally, Binary Hoppositions, the King of Scribble, and Forrest’are.

GoGoHare: GoGoHaero. Photo: Lee BlanchflowerGoGoHare: GoGoHaero. Photo: Lee Blanchflower

GoGoHare: ChocoHare. Photo: Lee BlanchflowerGoGoHare: ChocoHare. Photo: Lee Blanchflower

GoGoHare: Boudicca's Revolt. Photo: Lee BlanchflowerGoGoHare: Boudicca's Revolt. Photo: Lee Blanchflower

GoGoHare: Hare Comes the Sun. Photo: Lee BlanchflowerGoGoHare: Hare Comes the Sun. Photo: Lee Blanchflower

GoGoHare: Norvincenses Salientes 'Sally'. Photo: Lee BlanchflowerGoGoHare: Norvincenses Salientes 'Sally'. Photo: Lee Blanchflower

GoGoHare: Binary Hoppositions. Photo: Lee BlanchflowerGoGoHare: Binary Hoppositions. Photo: Lee Blanchflower

GoGoHare: The King of Scribble. Photo: Lee BlanchflowerGoGoHare: The King of Scribble. Photo: Lee Blanchflower

GoGoHare: Forest'are. Photo: Lee BlanchflowerGoGoHare: Forest'are. Photo: Lee Blanchflower

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