The race is on as we hide another four Hare Rocks around Norfolk!

Artist Rebecca Osborne has painted the 10 rocks with GoGoHares. Picture: Nick Butcher

Artist Rebecca Osborne has painted the 10 rocks with GoGoHares. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

The race will be on this week as four brand new Hares Rocks are placed around the county along the GoGoHares trail.

The rocks will be placed near four of our favourite sculptures, with the competition kicking off at 9am tomorrow.

They will be hidden close to the following sculptures:

? The Blue Hare at Prospect House, on Rouen Road in Norwich.

? Boudicahare, which is in the Castle Gardens, also in Norwich.

You may also want to watch:

? Pharoah, the Moongazer Hare, which has found a home on Dereham Market Place.

? Oschare, which is in intu Chapelfield.

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Each person to find one of the rocks will win a bundle of GoGo goodies worth £100.

They will also receive a free sticker book, if they haven't got one already.

Once the rock has been found, painted with a picture of the hare it has been hidden near, it should be returned to Prospect House, where the rock can be exchanged for prizes.

The rocks have been created by Gorleston-based artist Rebecca Osbourne, who has been adorning the stones with each animal character.

Many other rocks have been hidden and discovered in exchange for prizes, but previously readers had to solve a clue to work out their whereabouts.

Previous hiding places have included Cromer Beach, in Norwich's Cathedral Close and at Wymondham Abbey.

Sarah Samuel previously found one of the rocks with her family. She said: 'We were jumping up and down and we phoned the boys as they had gone to look elsewhere.

'Ellie and I were screaming with excitement as we couldn't believe we had found one. We are all still over the moon.'

The GoGoHares trails are being brought to the city and county by children's charity Break and Wild in Art.

The trail will run until September 8.

For more information visit

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