GoGo Hareman reveals his ties to Norfolk’s aviation past with visit to museum

GoGo Hareman Jack Hargreaves pictured with a Boulton & Paul P9 wooden aircraft at Norfolk & Suffolk

GoGo Hareman Jack Hargreaves pictured with a Boulton & Paul P9 wooden aircraft at Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum. Picture: GoGoHares/Break. - Credit: GoGoHares/Break.

Every GoGoHare on the streets of Norwich has a story, but one sculpture in particular is a tribute to the local military which few people will be aware of.

Street names in Norfolk are often a nod to the county's rich aviation history, from Aerodrome Road in Heartsease to Hurricane Way and Spitfire Road in Catton.

The industry was kick-started in the region when Norwich-based Boulton and Paul started building aircraft for the military in 1915.

Later a testing and training area was formed on Mousehold Heath.

Famed for manufacturing aircraft such as the Bobolink, Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Snipe and Armistice, they became well respected makers of aircraft with factories on Riverside and Rose Lane.

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Sadly most of the factories, sheet metal and box making shops were targeted and destroyed during the Second World War.

As suppliers of industrial equipment to many British manufacturers, sponsors ESE Direct wanted their GoGoHare to fit with that theme.

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Invoking Norfolk's tradition of aviation and to mark the Centenary of the Royal Air Force, GoGoHare Jack was brought to life to celebrate British engineering and manufacturing.

Martin Green, project manager from Break, said: 'It is great to have sculpture designs with so much history and this popular sculpture celebrating the 100 years of the RAF adds another dimension to our trails.'

The trail is GoGoHares are brought to you by Break charity in association with Wild in Art.

To celebrate the connection and bring Jack back to his roots, the ESE Direct team took him to the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum in Flixton, Suffolk.

Whilst there, he posed with their replica Bouton and Paul P9, the original of which made its maiden flight from Mousehold Heath to Bungay in around 1918.

This year you can also communicate with Hareman Jack Hargreaves on twitter, @gogohareman as well as all of the other hares on the trail.

You can find out all you need to know about the trail and the charity which runs it on www.gogohares.co.uk.

You can also pick up a trail map at local tourist attractions, or download the gogohares app.

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