Give young people a chance to speak out

EDP Young Person Takeover. Tallulah Cann.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

EDP Young Person Takeover. Tallulah Cann.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Some young people have little or no voice at all. They don't get to express their thoughts and feelings on how the world around them is shaped due to others choices.

This is due only to their age. Their opinions are not taken into account and are just 'tossed aside' until they are around 18.

Young people are the 'adults of tomorrow' and should be able to express their thoughts on issues regardless of their age.

Some young people have valid and important feelings on things and they should be heard.

Having their own opinions makes the young person feel valued and raises their self esteem, leaving a positive impact.

Not only does this mean that young people will have their opinions heard but it will have a positive impact on them as a person.

Young people should have their say on things like elections as they affect them as much as anyone else. Just because of their age, their opinions aren't counted. If young people had more of a voice, the world would change with them. Adults and young people would be able to agree on a solution that benefits them both. The choices made for the world would include everyone's ideas and would benefit everyone in some way.

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'I feel life would be better if adults and young people had voices to change the community around them. They would be able to agree more easiy. I do have a voice but not as much as I would like.' said Rebecca Gonzalez, 13.

'What do you think life would be like if young people had more of a voice?'

This quote from a young person shows that young people would like more of a voice.

The issue can be stopped if governments and international organisations reach out to the young people of the world.

The rapid and huge success of social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, serves as a prime example of young people's urge to communicate within themselves and others around them. Using these platforms, we can help young people reach out for their voices to be heard, help them change the world for the better and reshape the world that exists around them.