Reheads rejoice! Ginger emoji arrives at long last

New emojis. Picture: Emojipedia

New emojis. Picture: Emojipedia - Credit: Emojipedia

It's a triumphant day for redheads as emojis now come in ginger.

As of today ginger people will be able to join the ranks of those accurately representing themselves in emoji form.

Two years ago over 21,000 people signed a petition calling for the inclusion of ginger options in future emoji roll-outs after a number of other new diverse emojis were released.

While natural redheads are a small percentage of the population, petitioners were insistent that there should be an emoji for the demographic.

Unicode's emoji subcommittee saw fit to grant the request and have released a ginger emoji in varying genders and skin colours in their new update today.

They have also released emojis for people with white hair, no hair and afros.

Users can also express themselves with more than 150 other additions including a swan, super-hero or fire-cracker.

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The new emojis are expected to take a while to filter through the various operating systems but gingers rejoiced and claimed the 'discrimination' had now ended nonetheless.

'Team Ginger! The day is finally here,' one person posted to social media. 'Justice in the world finally with a ginger emoji,' another added.