Giant six-metre clock settles into new home at Diss Business Park

A crane is used to move the giant clock into place

A crane is used to move the giant clock into place - Credit: Archant

A giant backwards clock has been lowered into place in Diss after being transported to the town by police escort.

This morning crowds of people gathered at the entrance of Diss Business Park on Hopper Way to watch the titanic timepiece settle into its new home on a specially-built frame.

Originally mounted on the former Tobar Toy warehouse in Ellough, near Beccles, it was secured at auction for £1,750 by Reads Property Development of Diss.

Owner, Joe Read, said: 'When it came up for auction I knew it would sit well at our Business Park. I was very pleased to win it and I'm very excited about it.

'It is a focal point that will help promote the business park and the public can walk in front of it and have their photo taken.'

The automatic clock, which measures about six metres in diameter and weighs almost two tonnes, was transported from Ellough to Diss with a police and wide load escort in March.

The installation took three days in total, from putting the stand in place on Wednesday to installing the facia on Thursday before the timepiece was craned in today.

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Mr Read, 59, said: 'It's all been worth it and it has gone to plan.'

The clock was built in 2008 by local artist Tim Hunkin for the building in Ellough, which was also the distribution centre for Hawkin's Bazaar, whose best-selling line was a normal-scale backwards clock.

It is believed that the one-off timepiece originally cost a staggering £30,000 to construct.

In Ellough the clock was not only famous for its unique size but also for a life-size mannequin of a workman which was attached to its top, complete with fluorescent jacket, trousers and hard hat.

At yesterday's timely ceremony Mr Read said another mannequin was soon to grace the top of the clock as well as a flash of silver edging.

In the future the team hope to install a pathway up to the clock.

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