WATCH: Have ghosts been spotted walking the corridors of a Norfolk theatre?

Ghosthunters think they have captured paranormal activity at St George's theatre in Great Yarmouth.

Ghosthunters think they have captured paranormal activity at St George's theatre in Great Yarmouth. Picture: Ghosted UK - Credit: Archant

Theatres are well known for hosting plays and disappearing acts but 'unexplained' shadow figures aren't usually part of the script.

Ghosthunters in Great Yarmouth believe they have captured paranormal activity at St George's theatre.

A video posted by Ghosted UK on their YouTube channel shows a number of silhouettes walking through the corridors next to the entrance of the theatre.

Members of the group including Tim Johnson, Annabelle Barnes and Amanda Esherwood said they were excited by the discovery at their Paranormal event last month.

Mr Johnson, 51, from Caister, admitted he wasn't sure what the shadow figures were but has described them as "unexplained paranormal activity".

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"I haven't got a clue what they are but it definitely isn't the shadow of people because you would have seen somebody walk in front of the window," he said.

"It is really exciting and we want to go back again to explore the building further.

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At the minute it remains unexplained."

Mr Johnson said the group which was set-up in January 2019 uses a variety of high-tech pieces of equipment to help with their investigations.

The state-of-the-art kit includes night vision cameras, motion detectors, and voice recorders.

The Ghosted UK team were joined by 10 members of the public at the event with all proceeds raised going to the theatre.

The group said they also heard "creepy voices" at St George's theatre.

Graham Harris operations manager at the theatre said he thought the findings were interesting.

He said: "Anything which helps to support the theatre is a good thing."

"The group would be more than welcome to return."

Mr Johnson believes there use to be a cellar near to the entrance of the theatre and that is where the figures could have been walking to.

"We spend a lot of time doing background research on a building to see if we can predict anything we might encounter," he said.

"A cellar nearby could explain it.

"When we host our events we make sure we have lots of cameras set-up and monitor the CCTV closely to make sure we don't miss anything."

In 2013 ghosthunters from Hopton explored the theatre but found no evidence of paranormal activity.

*Ghosted UK members - Tim Johnson, Andrew Wright, Natasha Keeler, Annabelle Barnes, Mandy Spychalski and Amanda Esherwood

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