Get to know the State Pension

Most people can claim the State Pension when they reach a certain age.

Most people can claim the State Pension when they reach a certain age. - Credit: Archant

You've learned a lot in your life so far, but how much do you know about your State Pension? Your State Pension is the foundation for your retirement income, so it's important to get to know it, to help you plan for the future.

The State Pension is a regular payment that most people can claim from the government once they reach the right age. Your State Pension is individual to you so it's important to know how much you might get and when you could get it.

The amount you could get is dependent on your National Insurance record, and whether you've been part of a 'contracted-out' work pension in the past. If you have a gap in your NI record, it is worth finding out if you could increase the amount of State Pension you receive by paying to fill those gaps.

The best way to get to know your State Pension and find out how much you might get when you reach your State Pension age is to get a forecast. All you have to do is go online and enter a few details, to get an estimate of what you can expect and find out the earliest date you could get your State Pension.

Anyone with a National Insurance number and who hasn't reached State Pension age can go online to get a State Pension forecast.

You'll also find some helpful advice about other ways to save and plan your retirement income.

Your State Pension is unique to you and forms the foundation for your future financial security so go online and get to know yours.

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