'You want to be un-vaccinated? Go to Lowestoft' - rock legend's jab at town

Gene Simmons on Good Morning Britain

Gene Simmons gave his opinion on people un-vaccinated against Covid-19 on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Friday. - Credit: ITV

Rock legend Gene Simmons has told people to go to Lowestoft if they wished to remain un-vaccinated against Covid-19.

The Kiss frontman spoke to ITV's Good Morning Britain on Friday, discussing his artistic talent, Boris Johnson and sharing his thoughts on those who were against getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Mr Simmons said to the un-vaccinated: "Get over yourselves.

"Shut up, be respectful of other people and get a vaccine.

"When you get up to a red light, you must stop.

"There's no choice.

"It's because it's not about you, it's about the other innocent people going by.

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"So get over yourself.

"Look, you want to be un-vaccinated?

"Go to Lowestoft at the end of the country and stay on the beach by yourself.

"Don't threaten the rest of the Brits with your selfishness."

The 72-year-old rock star had previously spent time in the town after he put together a band made of students from the then Kirkley High School in 2005.

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