Geminid meteor shower set to peak tonight

A view of a Meteor Shower and the Milky Way with a pine trees forest silhouette in the foreground. N

The Germinid meteor shower is set to peak tonight (December 13). - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Stunning shooting stars will be visible in the skies over Norfolk tonight as the Geminid meteor shower returns.

Appearing every December, the Geminid meteor shower is set to peak tonight (Monday, December 13) and into the early hours of Tuesday (December 14).

The Geminids are a popular show for stargazers and are known for being bright, fast and multi-coloured. They often appear white, however, some can be yellow and green or red and blue.

For the best chance to see meteors, look slightly away from the radiant and keep an eye open for their colour. It is best seen at around 2am while the radiant point is highest in the sky.

Generally, the higher the constellation Gemini the Twins climbs in the sky, the more meteors you can see. The shower is special because it comes from debris left by the 3200 Phaethon asteroid instead of a comet.

At its peak, the meteor shower can produce over 100 meteors an hour, however, visibility is dependent on light pollution.

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