Gapton Hall bus link for Great Yarmouth dismissed by First

A First bus driving through the village of Belton . Picture: James Bass

A First bus driving through the village of Belton . Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2010

Hopes to get the Gapton Hall retail park on a bus route have been described as unrealistic by a transport boss.

Members of the borough council's Yarmouth area committee had hoped they would be able to persuade bus providers First to consider a link to the Great Yarmouth via Pasteur Road, however, the suggestion was dismissed by the company's network manager, Iain Rankine.

At the meeting this week, Mr Rankine suggested lack of infrastructure and volume of traffic would make it unrealistic for the estate to be included in bus routes.

He said: 'We are not adverse to looking at different things, but I'm trying to be realistic and this is now something we cannot look at.

'In terms of the Gapton Hall link, there are a number of issues that make it unrealistic.'

The main stumbling blocks raised by Mr Rankine were around the road structure, including the fact that Pasteur Road only has pavements on one side, roads around Tesco not being wide enough for buses to include Cobholm, and the lack of suitable places for a bus to stop,

He added: 'We could not consider putting a bus stop in Gapton Hall car park, so there would need to be lay-bys added which are generally very expensive, so not something we could do off of our own backs.'

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Mr Rankine also suggested that the volume of traffic often experienced on the A12, the Gapton Hall roundabout and Pasteur Road would add five to ten minutes to journeys, which would cause scheduling issues,

The issue had been raised by Norfolk County Councillor Mick Castle, who cited that in his ward of Great Yarmouth North and Central, and Northgate, that just 45pc of people owned cars, stressing the need.

He said: 'I think people of Great Yarmouth have a right to get to places.'

Questions had also been raised about whether improving transport to the area would draw shoppers out of the town centre.

In response to this, John Langley of North Yarmouth Community Resilience, said: 'I'm appalled by this lack of vision. Buses are a two-way service, and I think we are missing a trick by not having them.

'We now effectively have two town centres - the historic one and the Gapton Hall area. A bus link would allow people not only to get to Gapton Hall easier, but it would also bring people back into the town.'

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