Future Radio still broadcasting despite problems with FM transmitter

A community radio station in Norwich is currently unable to broadcast on FM because its transmitter is on top of a block of flats which caught fire yesterday.

However Future Radio listeners can still hear the station's shows as normal online.

Future Radio's main transmitter is on top of Markham Tower, in Bowers Avenue, Mile Cross, and about 80 firefighters were called to the tower yesterday after a fire broke out in an eighth floor flat at about 11.20am.

A fire investigation into the cause of the fire is continuing today.

Terry Lee, station manager at Future Radio, said the power to the station's transmitter has been switched off and that since 6pm yesterday the station has not been able to broadcast on FM.

He said the station was working hard with Norwich City Council to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

'Future Radio's FM signal reaches 140,000 listeners across Norwich and we have taken dozens of phone calls from worried fans who have been asking where their radio station has gone,' he said.

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'At the moment all people can hear on our frequency on FM is white noise but we are still online so people can listen to our shows via our website.'

• To listen to Future Radio visit www.futureradio.co.uk/listenlive

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