From the streets of New York: There was no fairy tale ending to the musical in Times Square

Kara Williams reacts to the news that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was ahead in Fl

Kara Williams reacts to the news that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was ahead in Florida while watching election results in Times Square, New York (AP Photo/Seth Wenig) - Credit: AP

Just a stones throw from Broadway a Trump supporter launched into a rendition of musical hit 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead'.

Earlier in the evening, things had been largely good natured in the city which always paints its section of the electoral college map blue. Democrats cheered any morsel of good news.

But emotions got the better of people in Times Square in the heart of Manhattan.

As hope turned to Democrat despair in the early hours of Wednesday morning, most Clinton backers drifted off, leaving Donald Trump supporters to speak to anybody who would listen.

They jubilantly declared the now-familiar retort that they were going to 'Make America Great Again' and demanded that their hero should 'lock her up'.

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For a young African American it was too much to bear. In his red Hillary cap he confronted Trump supporters and screaming accusations of racism. The Trump supporters shouted back as NYPD cops got nearer, ready to intervene.

It wasn't just despair etched on the face of the Hillary Clinton supporter - there was an anger almost equal to that of the Trump fan when he talked about his belief in Washington corruption.

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Just one Subway stop away on the banks of the Hudson, Democrats who thought they had the hottest ticket in town at the vast convention centre where they were meant to see history made in the form of the first female president of the United States, they new they were witnessing history of a very different kind.

The United States has always been partisan - but the anger and hatred on both sides did not appear to have dissipated with the conclusion of this election.

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