From becoming ‘a bit too friendly’ with a Norfolk County Council member to a wedding planner’s rejection - what’s your worst email or text message mistake?

Ever had that moment when you've typed a less than flattering email about someone - and then sent it to them by accident?

Or how about a text message, where the phone has used its auto-correct spelling system to override the words you originally wrote?

Today, a couple has spoken of their shock after the wedding planner at a luxury hotel where they hoped to get married described them as not the 'type of people that we would want'.

Pauline Bailey said she and her fiance Paul Carty decided they wanted to hold their wedding at Stoke Park, a five-star hotel in Buckinghamshire that has featured in two James Bond films.

But she said she felt 'crushed' after Michele Connelly, the venue's wedding planner, sent an email to her manager Carlo Zoccali but also forwarded it to Miss Bailey by mistake.

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In the email, Ms Connelly said she needed his advice.

She said: 'I know this probably doesn't sound very nice, but I am trying to put this wedding off as I don't think they are the type of people that we would want to have at Stoke Park.'

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A spokesman for the hotel said the email was sent in April and added they cannot comment for legal reasons.

They added it is a 'very unfortunate matter for which we apologised profusely to Pauline and Paul within 24 hours of this email being sent'.

Journalist Donna-Louise Bishop used to work for a local radio station before she started working for the Eastern Daily Press.

And she remembers when a colleague accidentally became a bit too friendly with a member of Norfolk County Council via an email.

She said: 'I remember her saying it was one of the most embarrassing moments of her career.

'She had emailed her friend, or so she thought at the time, asking her out for Friday drinks and signed off the email 'love and snuggles' with a string of 'xxx'.

'Seconds later she received a reply saying thanks for the invitation and while he enjoyed a good night out he didn't think the email was meant for him.'

Share your stories below about when messages were not sent as planned. And remember, this is a family website!

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