Friendly pheasant caught on camera in Strumpshaw

This friendly pheasant brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'captured on camera.'

Richard Saxton, from Huxley Road, Lakenham, posted this brilliant picture and others on our new content sharing site iwitness24.

He snapped the inquisitive pheasant, who has the nickname George, perched on top of his camera while he was out at Strumpshaw on Wednesday.

Mr Saxton, 64, said: 'Pheasants normally run the other way, but this particular pheasant always runs up to you. It is quite a regular sight and it has been nicknamed George.

'I fed the pheasant some seed and it jumped up on my tripod. It was so funny I thought I would put the photos on the website.'

Mr Saxton, who has four children and six grandchildren, is a keen bird photographer and likes to visit the RSPB site at Strumpshaw about once a week.

'It is a lovely site there. The robins are so friendly there too – they just come and land on your hand,' he said.

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