Freezing pony found near Wisbech

A young pony has had the best Christmas possible after he was found freezing and close to death next to the A47.

The colt was found fenced in on a piece of land with no grazing in temperatures of -4 degrees in freezing fog near Walpole Highway. He was close to death and would not have seen Christmas but for concerned passers-by who contacted World Horse Welfare (WHW).

'He was as close to death as he could have been. Because he was in such a bad way he could not stand the cold and was shivering so much it was almost impossible to check his breathing rate,' said field officer Jonathan Jackson.

The pony, believed to be around two years old and a native cob, has not been claimed and will stay with WHW at its Snetterton headquarters to recover.

'I was with the vet when he checked the pony over, and he was in the very last stages before the end. He would never have made it if we hadn't got to him,' said Mr Jackson.

Now recovering under a heat lamp, the pony has been named Basil by staff at WHW and it's hoped he will make a full recovery.

'He is getting the very best care and is in the best place. If no-one comes forward within 28 days then he will belong to us,' said Mr Jackson.

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Once Basil has recovered, and if the owner is not found, he may be available for fostering to a loving home.