Free vintage bus rides from King’s Lynn to Hunstanton prove a hit

Vintage buses prove popular on coast routes

Bus rides to Hunstanton gained in popularity when vintage vehicles took to the road from King's Lynn.

Norfolk Green ran the special free services from Lynn to the seaside resort on Sunday when

the company was celebrating taking over routes in and around the town from previous operator First.

'The old buses were really popular and it was nice to see them,' said Ben Colson, managing director at Norfolk Green.

The two buses were running the number ten and 11 routes and passengers had a free ride throughout the day.

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'It was packed, despite the weather not being very good,' said Mr Colson.

'It was so well received that we are half considering doing it again next year with a vintage day perhaps,' he added.

The buses which ran were a 1970 Bristol RE single decker that worked from the Lynn depot from 1972 to 1982; and a 1954 Bristol LD double decker that would have visited Lynn in the 1950s and 60s.

The buses now belong to local owner Julian Patterson and the Eastern Transport Collection.

Norfolk Green, which started in 1996 with just four vehicles and four buses, has now taken over all the town routes which were recently run by First.

'It has been a really busy week and we have been having some problems.

'There have been some difficulties on some routes and we are working hard to sort them out,' he said.

The company took on 29 drivers from First but the sheer number of passengers on some coastal routes have seen issues.

'There have been a lot more passengers than usual in the coastal area, particularly just after 9.30am when conscessionary fares are available. It has meant that some buses have been full by the time they leave Heacham,' said Mr Colson.

'We do apologise to people who have been affected, but ask them to bear with us while we work to resolve any outstanding problems,' he added.

'We are not being complacent and were at about 80pc by Tuesday.'

Norfolk Green is also looking to run extra services during Festival Too which begins on Saturday, June 25.

Later buses should also be available for the Hunstanton Lifestyles event in Hunstanton on Saturday, July 17.

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