Free tap water filling stations in Hunstanton to help you save pennies and the environment

Pupils from Glebe House School at Hunstanton beach for the launch of Refill. Picture: Archant

Pupils from Glebe House School at Hunstanton beach for the launch of Refill. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

For those looking forward to a summer in Sunny Hunny, you can keep hydrated and protect the environment by visiting a water refill station.

A new campaign has been launched in Hunstanton to promote free tap water refills for people on the move.

Not only will it help you save loose change for the slot machines in Hunstanton pier, it also helps with keeping the beaches clean.

Hunstanton town councillor Amanda Knight presented the idea to the council after learning of it's success in the West Country.

Mrs Knight said: 'When the whales washed up on the beach, they were found with plastic bottles in their stomachs which I found really distressing.

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'For a small town to start addressing environmental problems is really encouraging, we need to take responsibility for future generations.'

In the coming weeks, 12 pubs, restaurants and cafes across Hunstanton will be offering free tap water refills, including the Oasis Leisure Centre, Golden Lion Hotel and The Copper Kettle cafe.

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The Refill tap water campaign began in 2015, and has been rolled out in Bristol, Bath, and Cornwall, with Hunstanton being the first town in the east coast to take on the new initiative.

Mrs Knight said on average an individual will spend £25,000 in their lifetime on drinking water and related fizzy drinks, which she said is a shocking statistic.

She added: 'About 50 years ago when I heard of bottled perrier water I thought it was a joke, and now we have billions of tons of plastic waste.

'I know countries where people have to walk miles to get water, it's terrible. And we have good quality water in our taps.

'With this scheme, not only is there financial implications for families but hopefully it will encourage people to drink more water.'

The launch at Oasis Leisure Centre was attended by deputy mayor Amanda Bosworth, town clerk Lisa Powell, councillor Debbie Harrington and former mayor Andrew Murray.

Also at the launch were youngsters from Glebe House School, who were litter picking along the coast as part of the school's environment week. They were prepared with bottles of water for that all-important break by the beach.

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