Four arrests and two vehicles seized at unlicensed music event in Horning

Emergency services have been called out to two car crashes this afternoon.

Emergency services have been called out to two car crashes this afternoon. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2011

Four people have been arrested at an unlicensed music event in Horning.

Police were called to an area of St Benets Abbey at 8am today following reports of loud music.

Around 60 to 70 people were said to be at the location, along with 30 vehicles.

Officers made four arrests, seized two vehicles, and took away all music and sound equipment.

Insp Jerry Wright, from the contact and control room, said: 'The event has been monitored during the day and positive action has been taken.

'These types of events cause disruption to the local community, negatively impact on the environment and also affect local land owners.

'People who choose to attend these type of events also expose themselves to risk due to the type of locations where these events take place and also because those in attendance can be affected by alcohol or drugs.

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'The police action taken by us today is typical of the robust approach that those people involved in planning and organising these events can expect from Norfolk police.'

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