Fountain bar in Great Yarmouth town centre park gets the green light

An artist's impression of what the landmark fountain bar will look like.

An artist's impression of what the landmark fountain bar will look like. - Credit: Archant

Proposals for a new outdoor bar in a popular park in Great Yarmouth have been approved.

The Fountain Bar will be situated in St George's Park near the town centre, after borough councillors approved plans on Wednesday.

The cafe building will be octagonal in shape with a central water feature. It will be 4m (13ft) when closed and 10m (33ft) when fully opened out.

The bar area will serve drinks and sell both hot and cold food for consumption under a canopy.

There will be tables and chairs which surround it and music will be piped out.

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The borough's environmental health department objected to the plans for a fountain and have requested a health assessment take place for fear that the water could harbour the bacteria which leads to Legionnaire's disease. They also complained about the lack of toilet facilities, but the applicant reduced the number of table and chairs it requested permission for.

A report by the borough's planning officer stated: 'The siting of this unit would reduce the amount of open space available and lessen the amount of land for public amenity use; however it will provide a service and attraction for those using the park.

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'The proposal could potentially encourage more activity in the park and provide visitor appeal offering a boost to visitor numbers. However the park is a place for family enjoyment and the introduction of alcohol could encourage anti-social behaviour.'

The application has been submitted by Seachange, Drill House, Great Yarmouth.

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