Forty classic cars on show at Norwich Cathedral

Classic car admirers were treated to a display of Daimler and Lanchester cars in Norwich today (Saturday).

More than 40 car owners gathered at Norwich Cathedral for a tour and lunch before driving to Sandringham House for part of the annual international rally for Daimlers and Lanchesters.

Enthusiasts from as far away as Australia and Canada travelled to Norfolk for the rally.

The Dean of Norwich, the Very Reverend Graham Smith, also had his car among those on display.

He said: 'More than 100 cars from all over the world will be at Sandringham. About 40 cars have come to the cathedral for the day.'

He drives a 1962 Daimler Dart in British racing green which used to belong to his brother.

'It is enormous fun and is a pleasure to drive. People always stop and smile when they see a lovely old car,' he added.

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Peter Towns travelled from Australia to be part of the rally, although he didn't bring his beloved 1951 Empress 2.5 across the seas with him.

He said: 'I have been to many rallies. My car has never been restored; it has never been off the road.

'It started in Britain and was owned by a wealthy theatrical entrepreneur. It was imported to Australia in 1997 and I bought it in 2000 – I bought it because it looked beautiful.'

Llona Thomassen drove her Daimler DS420 black limousine to Norwich from the Netherlands. She said: 'People always look at you when you drive it; they think it is a very charming car. We have been to the UK about 10 times for rallies. We really love to drive the small roads, the B roads and to see the countryside.'

The Dean of Norwich, the Very Reverend Graham Smith, is pictured with his own car and other vehicles belonging to members of the Daimler and Lanchester Owners' Club.